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Automatic Voltage Stabilizer

Voltage fluctuation has a negative impact on the electric circuit and may damage electrical devices. This problem can be easily solved by using an automatic voltage stabilizer. By taking a varying voltage and turning it into a constant voltage, the voltage regulator protects the electrical devices from voltage fluctuations in the power grid and extends their service life.

The DBW/SBW5 compensation type automatic voltage stabilizer consists of compensation transformer, regulating transformer, transmission mechanism, electric brush contact system, cabinet and analog control system. The transmission mechanism is composed of a servo motor, sprocket wheels, and a chain.

Our automatic voltage regulator features stepless voltage regulation, stable output, no wave distortion and no harmonic increment. The compensation range can reach ± 20% or ± 30% and the voltage regulation accuracy is adjustable between 1% and 5%. The capacity of single-phase and three-phase voltage regulators is 3 to 100 KVA and 10 to 3000 KVA respectively.

For the automatic voltage stabilizer with the rated capacity under 30 KVA, ring-shaped transformers are adopted for compensation and regulation, and all three phase are separately adjusted. For the AC voltage regulator with the rated capacity above 50 KVA, an E type transformer is used for compensation and a cylinder type transformation for regulation. All three phases are uniformly adjusted. Also, separate adjustment is available according to customer requirement.

Stable and reliable, our power converter comes with all the power protection functions. For example, when the output voltage is 10% greater or lower than the rated value, the voltage stabilizer will automatically bypass or cut off the output and then send out audible and visual alarm.

Circuit Structure and Working Principle

The DBW/SBW5 automatic voltage stabilizer is composed of compensation voltage stabilizing circuit, control circuit, sampling circuit, output control circuit, and bypass circuit. The compensation voltage stabilizing circuit, control circuit and sampling circuit form an automatic compensation voltage-stabilizing system.

DBW/SBW5 Automatic Voltage Stabilizer Schematic Diagram

Specifications and Technical Parameters
1. Model Name

2. Technical Parameters

Frequency 50/60Hz
Noise < 55dB
Short time overload capacity 1.5 times
Temperature - 15 ℃ / + 45 ℃
Humidity ≤90%
Insulation resistance ≥ 2MΩ
Temperature rise Transformer winding < 80℃
Continuous overload capacity 1.2 times
Waveform of output voltage Sine wave
Voltage stabilizing precision ±(1 to 5)%, can be set
Insulating strength Input and output AC voltage: 2000V/min
3. Main Protection Function
Over and under voltage protection When the output voltage is 10% greater or less than the rated value, the power conditioner will automatically cut off the power supply
Phase sequence protection When the phase sequence of the three-phase input power is incorrect, the regulator will cut off the power supply automatically
Phase loss protection When phase loss occurs with the three-phase input power, the power supply will be cut off automatically by the voltage regulator
Mechanical fault protection When the servo motor or driving mechanism does not work normally, the voltage stabilizer will automatically cut off the power supply
Short circuit protection When short circuit occurs at the output end, the air switch cuts off the power automatically

Design Characteristics
1. Automatic power on and manual power on mode
2. Delayed output
3. Lightning surge protection

Shanghai Pandeng is a professional automatic voltage stabilizer manufacturer based in China. We offer single phase servo voltage stabilizer, single phase dry type transformer, three phase energy saving cabinet, and three phase electronic voltage regulator, among others.

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