Early 90s: The domestic demand for effective communications increased exponentially. Pandeng utilized this opportunity to provide clients with high quality power source products, enabling the smooth operation of imported communication equipment.

Mid 90s: As the standards of living improved, air conditioning became common place. These machines were widely incorporated into all residential buildings. Based on unprecedented demands, our company provided the masses with voltage stabilizers designed for home use. This device allowed for the normal functioning of air conditioning systems.

Late 90s: As the domestic broadcasting industry underwent drastic changes, we seized this opportunity. Our company provided all major parties with high quality power supplies, allowing for the proper functioning of revamped broadcasting equipment

2001: We developed the non-contact power supply voltage stabilizer, assuring our dominance in the domestic industry.

2004: We brought innovation into the industry with the development of the lighting voltage stabilizer energy-saving cabinet.

Main Products
  • SBW5T Adjustable Regulated Power Supply Our adjustable regulated power supply can fully meet the demand for regulating output voltage value within a large scope, offering stable alternating voltage in compliance with definite value for the inspected product.
  • Three Phase Isolation Transformer With the working voltage higher than that of the single phase product, the three phase isolation transformer is more suitable for the circuit or machine which needs high voltage.