As a professional manufacturer of power conversion equipment, Pandeng not only offers premium voltage regulator, dry type transformer, and lighting energy saver but also provides first-class services.

1. In the pre-sales stage, we can provide a prototype at cost price according to customer demands. However, customers should bear transport costs and unpredictable costs.

2. All the power conversion equipment Pandeng sells enjoy a warranty period of 1 year and free maintenance device is available within China.

3. We can provide on-site installation, training and other services which are agreed beforehand.

4. OEM services is available.

Main Products
  • Three Phase Industrial Voltage Stabilizer Our three phase industrial voltage stabilizer supports the input voltage of 304 to 456 V and outputs 380 V with the error of ±3% for some large machines. Its efficiency is up to 98% and response time is 0.5 s/V.
  • Single Phase Dry Type Transformer Commonly used in the industrial areas, the single phase dry type transformer not only has the function of voltage transformation but also supports filtering and lightning protection. It functions well as an industrial power transformer.